Consideration before chose a Women’s basketball shoes

We all know that playing Basketball requires heavy footwork of players. In a basketball game, a player needs to move in various directions, jump around, and make sharp cuts. So, a basketball player should wear the right types of shoes to do well on the court. There are many different things to consider before choosing a Women’s basketball shoes. Here, we will give you the basic tips of buying the right basketball shoes for women.

Womens basketball shoes buying guide

Nowadays choosing a pair of women’s basketball shoes is a difficult thing. A wide range of designs and styles are adding into the shoe markets. You should not be overwhelmed by these designs and styles. You should look for those particular sports shoes that will fit into your feet comfortably, support your toes and avoid any friction and blisters. A pair of basketball shoes should have adequate cushioning. Also, it should have the shock absorber.

How to pick the right basketball shoes for women?

In order to determine the best basketball shoes for women, you have to check the construction of the shoes. Usually, basketball shoes have three parts. Those three parts vary from shoes to shoes based on price and manufacturers. The three parts are The upper, the midsole, and the outsole.

The Upper

It is considered as the first part of the shoe. Usually, the top part of the shoe is soft which can keep your feet comfortable, cozy and secure throughout the playing time. The upper parts of the shoes are different from each other according to the components and features.

  • High-Tops: About 70% of total women’s basketball players choose the high-top shoes. The high-top shoes are preferred by the all-around and power players because this can provide more ankle support than other shoes.
  • Mid-Tops: If you are a speed player, you will like the mid-top shoes, because this gives more stability to those who feel restricted by high-top shoes.
  • Low-Tops: Usually the low-top shoes are much lighter than the high-top shoes. About 10% of the total basketball players use these shoes to support their ankle.

Based on your comfort level, you should pick the style of the upper sole.

The Midsole

It is one of the most important parts to consider before buying a women’s basketball. The midsole of the shoe refers the part that is between the upper and the lower sole of the shoe. This layer of the shoe is made of soft and shock absorbing materials. Typically, the midsole of the shoe is made out of Polyurethane, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate or other materials. The Polyurethane is a denser material that makes the shoe more stable and durable. But, Polyurethane is not a lightweight material. On the other hand, the Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate is a lightweight material but is not as durable as Polyurethane. So, you should consider those shoes that use proprietary cushioning technologies to give more cushioning support without adding extra weight to the shoes.

The Outsole

Actually, the outsole is the rubber bottom part of the basketball shoe which is known by the people as “Sole”. Providing the stability is the main duty of outsole. To provide more stability, you should consider two things.

  • The outsole should be flat and wide to prevent ankle rollover.
  • The outsole should have the ability to provide traction at the playing time.

Bottom Line:

Picking up the right women’s basketball shoes is essential not only to perform well on the court, but also to reduce the risks of foot and ankle injuries.  You should make the right choice by considering these above factors.

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