Top 5 Basketball Player Accessories

Basketball is a smart, fast and fun game. The basketball players look pretty smart and cool when they play it wearing various accessories and gears. Some basketball player accessories are really essentials and some are needed for greater safety and more style.

Basketball Player Accessories

There are lots of gadgets, accessories and gears are found in the market and online shops for the basketball players. From these gears now I am describing 5 cool gears for the basketball players.

Arm sleeve

Arm sleeve gives a tight surrounding to the arms. It is also called shooting arm sleeve. There are no rules against wearing arm sleeves during basketball playing. So, players can wear this sleeve freely. The importance of this sleeve is huge. First of all, it makes the arm flexible to shoot perfectly. It compresses the arm keeping the muscles warm.

It keeps the blood circulation normal to the muscles. Arms become free wearing this sleeve. These shooting arm sleeves are made with breathable fabric to prevent sweating. As these have a quite perfect size, all the players can wear them with ease.

Pole pad

To protect the players who run into the pole, basketball pole pads are the best solution. These are made with thick and soft foam to provide comfort and protection. They also include weather protected vinyl. As there are different sizes of pads are found in the market, you need to make sure that the pad fits perfectly with you.


There are 2 types of bands: headband and wristband. They have different uses. The headband is perfect to keep the hair not to reach the eyes of the players. It also keeps the sweat. On the other hand, wristband prevents the sweat from dripping onto the hands of other players. As these bands come with various colors, you need to make sure that the color matches with your team’s jersey. These are usually made with nylon or cotton to provide comfort. They are also very easy to clean.


The shoe is the most important accessory of basketball. No player can play without wearing shoes. Basketball player shoes are of different types based on style, color, design, shape and brand. There are high top and low shoes. Some are great for running, some for jumping and some for fast movement. Almost all the basketball shoes are comfortable and soft. The sole is made with thick rubber to get greater traction and stability. Insole provides perfect softness while cushioned construction gives extra softness. Most of the basketball shoes are made with leather and synthetic construction to give a durable construction to last long. Mesh support keeps the inside cool and prevents sweating.

Gears for protection

There are lots of gears for the protection of the players while playing basketball. They are pads, straps, sleeves, and clothing. Knee and elbow pads save the players from injury while arm sleeves make the arm flexible to throw the ball easily. Comfortable clothing keeps the players cool and removes the sweat quickly. Ankle straps protect the feet from being injured.

These 5 essential and cool basketball player accessories will definitely improve your skill and will make you out of any risk. So, collect the best quality of these gears for your own safety.

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