Think Before Buy a Perfect Basketball Shoe – Ultimate Buyers Guide

Wearing the perfect basketball shoe surely improves the skill of your play. A pair of great basketball shoe helps to move, run and jump more accurately, comfortably and safely than before. Picking the perfect basketball shoe is not an easy task. There are a wide range of basketball shoes in the market by several manufacturers and brands.

perfect basketball shoe

You need to emphasize on certain aspects to choose the best one for you. Here are they.

Playing style

Your playing style is the most important to choose the right pair of shoe for you. The style changes according to the position. If you play in the center, then you must be a big or tall man. Select the bigger and heavier shoe with thick sole, durable construction and high ankle collars. The must have the weight of more than 500 gm.

If you play as forward, you have to choose comparatively light shoes weight range from 400 gm to 500. You should keep in mind about the comfort and pick a soft cushioning shoe.


Another important factor is the court. Basketball shoes vary based on the indoor and outdoor court. Generally, outdoor basketball shoes have a strong and durable construction with more traction and stability to play with comfort and safety in any condition dry or wet condition. For the indoors, you just need a good pair of shoes.


If you are a heavy person with more weight, then you should pick a shoe with more traction, cushioning support and slip free feature. If you are a light person, then you should go for a light basketball shoe with good construction. You should be careful about safety than comfort.

Safety and reliability

Safety comes from the sole of the shoe. Look for the shoe which has a thick sole with greater traction and stability. Also, look for a slip free shoe. Reliability comes from the superior construction of the shoe at the upper part. Synthetic and leather construction ensures a long lasting service.

Arch and ankle support

A good pair of shoe which has ankle collar and cushion construction can give the best arch and ankle support. This will prevent any leg sprain and pain to the feet. You will be able to play for longer wearing this kind of shoe.


There are basketball shoes of different price. High-quality shoes are obviously costly. There are also good quality basketball shoes in low price. But I will recommend you not to buy the cheap shoes. Cheap shoes may save some money for you but ultimately you will be cheated. These are very low-quality shoes and will be unusable after using for few days. If you have a limited budget, try to add some extra money to buy a good pair of basketball shoe to get a long lasting service.


You will play basketball and it’s your choice to pick the shoe for you. if you follow these tips, I can assure, you will get the best basketball shoe to play with comfort, safety, and confidence.

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