What to choose between low and high top basketball shoes?

There are no rules to choose a particular type of basketball shoes in basketball. All it matter are the comfort and perfect fit. There are 3 types of basketball shoes, low, high and mid tops. As most of the players use low and high top basketball shoes, I will show you the comparison and suggest you which will be the best for you.

low top vs high tops basketball shoes

High top basketball shoes

High-top shoes are specially made for the big guys. These are usually heavier and protect from bigger impact after jumping. As the players are bigger in size, these shoes have greater support and softer cushioning. These shoes have the ability to receive more stress to ensure the safety of the ankles, feet, toe, knee and back. For restrictions, there is ankle collar in the high top basketball shoes.


  • Gives perfect ankle support
  • Cushion support
  • Comfortable
  • Friendly for jumping high
  • Impact protection feature
  • Durable
  • No chance of pain


  • Restricted movements
  • Heavier

Low top basketball shoes

Low top are a bit lighter than the high tops. These are perfect for the guard. These shoes ensure lesser restriction while moving. Low top shoes are very easy and comfortable wear. These are flexible and loose than the high tops. As these are effective to guard, the performance is also distinguishable than the high tops.



  • Flexible
  • Fits perfectly
  • Greater control over movements
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Zero foot restrictions


  • Made with soft materials
  • Low impact protection
  • Less durable

Which will be better?

It is very hard to say which one will be better as both shoes have their own features great different styles of playing. If you are a tall, big and heavy guy, you must go for the high top. And if you seek for more balance and low profile guard, you should choose the low tops.

But all it is your choice. There are no restrictions to choose a basketball shoe for best performance. Some people have a wrong idea about low tops that these are not great for support. The high top restricts the movement of the ankle for safety. In the low tops, the restriction is quite low. These shoes can protect the ankle from serious and faster movements. They guard the feet from any kind of damage.

And if you are not an injury prone guy, you should go for high tops. You are not a player who suffers from ankle injury frequently; you definitely choose the low top shoes. So, next time you go for buying a basketball shoe, you better keep in mind that what type of shoe fits best with you.


Choosing the right type of shoe ensures the rapid improvement of your skill and playing style. It also decreases the chance of injury and pain. So, you must know which type of shoe gives your ankle more support.

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