Common foot problems of basketball player

Foot injuries are very common for the basketball players. Playing basketball causes great pressure on your feet and ankles. It can affect your foot bones, tendons, ligaments which can send a basketball player on the side bench for weeks, or even for years.

If you are an athlete or a basketball player, and you want to avoid these common foot problems of a basketball player, you can consider reading these foot problems with prevention advices.

Flat Feet

Many basketball players have flat feet problems. The players who have flat feet problem may fall into this injury when running. It causes misalignment in the legs that causes serious pain not only in their heels, but also in their lower backs.

In order to avoid this problem, most of the professional players and athletes use custom-made insoles in their shoes. This insole of the shoes is known as orthotics which is measured by a podiatrist. The Orthotics in the shoes can restore a player’s natural foot function.

Stress Fractures

This is one of the most common problems of a basketball player. If you overuse the weight-bearing bones of your foot, you may fall into this problem. When you are playing basketball, you are exerting a great amount of pressure on your foot constantly by pounding on the concrete surface. The tremendous pressure on the bones of the foot causes stress fractures which are also known as fatigue fractures. Due to the tremendous pressure on the bone can causes of tiny cracks.

Sometimes stress fractures cause serious injuries if not recognized earlier. Complete rest for several weeks is needed as treatment. You may need to take the help of a surgeon to fix the bones in the correct position. Then you have to do some rehabilitation exercise to gain flexibility again.

Ankle Injury

Ankle Injury is one of the most common injuries that almost basketball players or athletes face.  The broken ankles and ankle sprains are two of the major ankle injuries. If your ligaments of the ankle are torn or stretched it causes serious pain, and swelling.

basketball ankle injury

Basketball Ankle Injury. Image source :

Most of the ankle injuries can be recovered by rehabilitation exercises. Doing exercise to stabilize and strengthen your foot muscles is necessary to avoid any ankle injuries. Before hitting the ground, make sure that you wear the right footwear. In order to avoid any sudden ankle problem, you can wear high-topped shoes while playing.

Heel Pain

This is another common problem with basketball players. This occurs when you overuse or over-extend the bone of the foot. This injury is also known as plantar fasciitis. This causes pain and swelling in the heel.

You will see that the average height of a basketball player is over 6 feet. They have larger foot frame than the average man. So, they need to perform flexibility exercise daily to develop their plantar fasciitis. Using Ice, Taking rest, and doing regular flexibility exercise will help a player to recover the heel pain within weeks.

These are not only the common foot problems of basketball players. There are some other injuries in which basketball players may fall down. Achilles Tendon Injuries, Hip/Thigh Injuries, and Knee Injuries are some of them. Whatever the problems you experiencing after playing basketball, be sure to consult with a podiatrist as early as possible.

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