How to build an outdoor Basketball Court

As playing basketball in the backyard or space around the house is great for recreation, more people are interested in building a basketball court. People used to play in their driveway which is risky. That’s why building a basketball court in the backyard is great and the safest. But how will you build a backyard basketball court? Here is the process to build an outdoor basketball an outdoor Basketball Court

Choosing the place

As a basketball court made by yourself will be used by your family, your backyard or an empty place around your home is the most suitable. It will be the safest if the place is not beside the road for the safety of your kid.

Size of the place

Size is another key factor. A great shape of the place enables basketball playing more enjoyable. The flat and hard surface is always considered the best for making a basketball court. Give the best dimension of the place according to make it a great backyard basketball court. The cost of building the basketball court depends on the size of the court. So, you need to give a great shape according to your budget.


After modifying the place into a real good one for the basketball court, you need to excavate the place to fill it by pouring concrete or other materials to make it fit for playing. This process is quite costly.  You can do it by yourself. It will save some money of yours but you have to work harder and you will cost a lot of energy.

To avoid this, you can hire some professionals like concrete companies or landscape companies. They will cost more but you can thoroughly rely on them.

Materials to use

Materials which will be used to build the court are most crucial. These materials will make your court hard and solid. There are several types of materials to use for building basketball court. First of all, concrete. It is the hardest element. It lasts longer than others. But it costs more and you must have a big budget for the concrete base.

There is also other alternatives for concrete like asphalt. It costs lesser than the concrete but provides the service almost like the concrete.

And if you have a very low budget, compacted stone is the best option for you. It is the least costly and gives a quite good service. It is now getting popularity for its low expense.


Assembling the court on the base is the last step to build an outdoor basketball court. From the various types of courts, you should pick the right one. Courts have different types of price depending on their quality. The shipment of the court will also cost you. There are user manual and assembly diagram with some courts for easy and quick assembly.

There are also other essential instruments like hoop and goal. You need to install and maintain them properly.

Building an outdoor basketball court is not an easy task. If you follow the instructions given in this guide, you can build it with less labor and time.

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