Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews and Guide 2018

Thinking of the best basketball player like Michael Jordan and his style and performance? Best performance of basketball comes with the best outdoor basketball shoes. The features and facilities of the best outdoor basketball shoes help a basketball player to play with confidence. Besides, the style is equally important as it makes the player look stylish at the same time. In this basketball shoes review, you will get a complete idea about basketball shoe and its buying process.

Basketball shoes are somewhat different than the other shoes in the market. So, their features and their uses are also different. A good basketball shoe makes a player into a complete basketball player. So, if you wanna be a great basketball player like Michael Jordan, then you must have the best basketball shoes for outdoor.

Top 5 Outdoor Basketball Shoes In Summary

 Hyperdunk 2015D Rose 6 BoostKb Mentality IILebron Soldier IXHyperrev 2015
SoleRubberRubber RubberRubber Rubber
InsoleFixedFixedRemovable Removable Removable

Why are the outdoor basketball shoes different?

outdoor basket ball shoes guideThere are lots of sports and athlete shoes in the market. Basketball shoes are one of them. But these basketball shoes are quite different from the other sports shoes. Why best basketball shoes for outdoor are different?

Well, all the outdoor shoes are made very hard with leather, synthetic, and rubber. Leather and synthetic give durable construction while rubber made sole give better traction. As the outdoor basketball court is completely different than the indoor courts, these shoes work perfectly in the outdoor courts.

Outdoor basketball courts have to face rain and other natural problems. There is more moisture on the surface. So, outdoor basketball shoes are made to give more stability and traction on the court. Moreover, they are slip proof and prevent any kind of stumble on the court to ensure safety.

Basketball is a very fast sport. Players need to turn, move and run faster than any other sports. For faster movement, players need greater traction and stability on the ground. That’s why the sole of the outdoor basketball shoes are made more durable and with thick rubber to give the best grip on the ground which is not found in the other sports shoes like indoor basketball shoes. This kind of sole also saves the players from any kind of injury or accidents by preventing slip.

Health support is another feature that an outdoor basketball shoe gives more than indoor basketball shoes. All the outdoor basketball shoes have perfect and standard length and width to make the shoe fit with every kind and size of feet of the players. This perfect size gives the best support to the ankle and arch of the feet of the players ensuring no harm to the feet.

Comfort is another key feature of any kind of outdoor basketball shoes. In the outdoor basketball shoes, comfort is delivered more than other shoes by foamy midsole, synthetic or mesh construction, responsive cushioned support and collar support.

A basketball shoe bears more load and pressure from the players than other shoes. That’s why these shoes are made more durable and long lasting than the other shoes of different purposes. Usually theses basketball shoes are made with top quality materials than other shoes and they also last more.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

Choosing the best outdoor basketball shoes is a hard a task as your performance depends on it. But to make you comfortable and free from hassle, here are our tips to buy the top outdoor basketball shoes.


Always give priority to the quality of the basketball shoe. Check the materials that are used to make the shoe. Top quality materials make the best basketball shoes for outdoor and give the best support and comfort to you.


Comfort is one of the key features that must be considered. Look for cushion and foamy support in the shoe. Make sure that the shoe is soft to wear unless you will feel pain. You should get the right arch and ankle support from the shoe. Meshed and synthetic construction makes the shoe the most comfortable basketball shoes and save the feet from any kind of damage.


The durability of the shoe will enable you to use the shoe for a long time. High-quality materials ensure long- lasting quality of the shoe. You must make sure that the shoe you are going to buy is made with great materials.


Safety is ensured by rubber made sole which prevents slip and gives greater traction and stability on the ground. You will always feel safe if you buy slip free shoe. Lightweight is equally important as it gives ease to use the shoe by the players.


There are varieties of the price of basketball shoes. If you have a limited budget, you can go for the good basketball shoes for cheap. But make sure that the quality if the shoe is good.

Top 12 Outdoor Basketball Shoes

From a huge collection of basketball shoes, which one will you buy? No need to tension. Here is our list of top outdoor basketball shoes for your convenience.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Flywire cables
  • Zoom air unit
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic and mesh
  • Colorful designs
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This basketball shoe by Nike is well appreciated by the basketball players for its unique features. For giving the best grip on the court and to provide the best support, this good outdoor basketball shoes has a thick rubber sole. This rubber sole prevents any kind of slip during play. Hyperfuse construction made this shoe lightweight to play with ease while its breathability helps to keep the feet cool and dry from sweating.

The right combination of synthetic and mesh have made it proper for giving the highest comfort. Its innovative design makes it flexible and it gives comfort like high-cut while performs like low-cut. Midsole cushioning component has made the shoe soft and comfortable for the players.

Flywire cables and cushion increase lockdown facility and make it fit for both narrow and wide feet. This shoe has a responsive cushioning heel to make the heel feel the right comfort. Your heel will never hurt while playing. Its length and width ensure one of the best arch and ankle support if your feet.  Made with the advanced technology, this shoe ensures your safety in the court all the time. Read Reviews >

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Synthetic sole
  • Boost technology
  • EVA midsole
  • Non-marking outsole
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Adidas made a great shoe for the basketball players to play basketball with the best comfort and highest safety. It has a construction of both textile and synthetic. This construction makes the shoe comfortable and durable to last for long. As basketball players run, stop and turn very fast in the court, the synthetic sole gives perfect traction and stability for the players.

The design of this shoe is quite attractive and players can choose their favorite one from its variety of colors. To ensure health issues, this shoe gives the right arch support to you which prevents any kind of damage to your feet. The shaft measures 5.5inch from arch which is perfect to deliver the best support to the arch of the feet.

The Boost technology of this shoe assures the energy return feature. For comfort, this shoe has an Asymmetric collar and the upper part made of soft leather. The cool shoes for outdoor basketball have an integrated EVA midsole with midsole cage. Its non-marking outsole serves the best for you. You can move and play freely without any risk wearing this basketball shoe. But some users say, this shoe has a very weak ankle support. Read Reviews >

Nike Men’s Kb Mentality II

  • Meshed construction
  • Superior traction
  • Low-top design
  • Flyweave technology
  • Rubber made sole
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Another great basketball shoe by famous brand Nike to make the basketball playing safe and sound for the basketball players. It is made with Flyweave technology which enables the shoes to adapt quickly with cuts and pivots. This upper part moves with your every single move. Its mesh construction made it one of the most comfortable basketball shoes for the players.

To ensure the best safety in the court while playing, this Nike shoe has a rubber made sole to give superior grip on the court and upgraded traction. Its low-top design optimizes the range of ankle motion. For this limited ankle motion, your ankle stays free from any kind of danger. The drop-in Lunarlon foam in the midsole ensures responsive cushioning for the best comfort.

The radiating classic herringbone traction of Nike made it of the most durable basketball shoe in the market. For this traction, it suits for both indoor and outdoor play. Its low-top design is amazing and fits perfect with basketball playing and that’s why it is one the most favorites to the basketball players. Having all these benefits, this shoe has a stylish design with attractive color.

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX

  • Midfoot strap
  • Hexagonal pattern
  • Superior traction
  • Meshed construction
  • Sole is rubber made
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Great ankle support
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Considered one of the best basketball shoes for outdoor, this one is a beauty. Its meshed construction gives the softness and comfort which a basketball player really seeks and deserve from a basketball shoe. This comfortable feeling helps a basketball player play a lot better than using other shoes. It’s responsive cushioning gives proper comfort reducing the adding of any kind separate cushion.

The Midfoot strap with Flywire cables made this shoe lightweight which helps the players to play with relax. Players feel no extra weight. The midfoot strap keeps the shoe tied with the feet tightly all the time. The design of this shoe is worth mentioning for its sporty type look. There are also other colors besides this red color.

The rubber made outsole made this shoe the safest basketball shoe. You will get the best running experience and feel if you wear this shoe while playing. This rubber sole gives greater traction on the surface to ensure superior stability for the players. This stability makes the players play without any risk to slip. For multidirectional traction, this stunning designed basketball shoe has Hexagonal pattern. Read Reviews >

Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2015

  • Mesh made
  • Nike Zoom unit
  • TPU heel counter
  • Flywire cables
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive cushioning
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Want to play basketball with comfort and safety? This basketball shoe you can certainly choose. It is considered one of the best outdoor basketball sneakers for its amazing features like its finest arch support. Its construction helps to fit your arch of the feet right in it. Its mesh made construction gives comfort with a superior durability. This mesh saves the shoe from any kind of damage.

To get a greater grip and stability on the court, this shoe has a rubber made sole. This rubber is extremely hard to give the best grip on the ground. For the comfort, this shoe has Zoom Air responsive cushion. This cushion gives decent comfort and superior protection. There is no chance to any pain or stress wearing this shoe.

Molded TPU heel counter perfectly locks your foot with the shoe to remove any pain to the heel. Your heel gets the perfect support to play with more confidence. This shoe by Nike has a very lightweight to move and run easily while playing. It’s nice attractive design will surely amaze you. You can pick your favorite one from its variety of color. Read Reviews >


  • Synthetic made
  • Great design and color
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and durable
  • Lace-up panel
  • Lightweight
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Looking for the best shoes in the world for basketball, this one is for you for sure because it has a synthetic construction to make the basketball players safe, sound and comfortable. Synthetic construction ensures the durability and long-lasting quality of this shoe. You can play with it for a long time. It has responsive cushioned support for your comfort inside it. You will feel the softest feeling while you will play wearing this shoe.

Its rubber made sole gives the highest protection to the players by ensuring the highest traction and grip on the surface. It reduces any chance of slipping. It’s right length and width keep the feet rightly inside it. The lace-up panel ties the shoe perfectly with the feet.

To run and play freely, this shoe has a very lightweight. This shoe has a gorgeous design with 2 different colors which are well liked by the basketball players. To make your feet safe and comfortable, this shoe gives right arch and ankle support.

Men’s Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014

  • Synthetic and mesh made
  • Rubber sole
  • Zoom unit in heel and forefoot
  • Foamy midsole
  • Greater stability
  • Responsive cushioning
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For the best playing style, you will need the best type of basketball shoe. Here is one great type of basketball shoe for you. This shoe has mid-top protection and low-top mobility.  It optimizes lightweight stability for convenience. Its flexible forefoot provides responsive cushion support while the compression molded collar provides protection.

Its notches are placed strategically and allow the shoe to flex easily. The midsole of this shoe have cushions to make it soft and tender for the feet. The rubber sole of this shoe guarantees the superior protection of your feet and shoe from any kind of damage or injury occurred by slip or stumble.

Synthetic and mesh construction of this shoe made it a durable shoe to basketball on any kind of surface. For this construction, it is in the list of top outdoor basketball shoes. Running, stopping and turning are easier with this shoe than before. With all these facilities, you will be satisfied for sure and rely on this shoe thoroughly.

Some users say this shoe failed to meet their expectation with its quality.

Nike Men’s Hyperchase

  • Phylon
  • U-throat design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh and synthetic construction
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Easy use
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As comfort and stability are the most required for playing basketball, this shoe from Nike is able to deliver both the features. Its cushioning Phylon with drop-in midsole gives perfect comfort. Meshed construction also ensures the best softness and comfort. Your feet will be in great care wearing this high performance basketball shoes.

For a durable and strong construction, this shoe is made with top quality synthetic and mesh. This construction has the ability to save both the feet and the shoe from any kind injury and damage. Its perfect length and width ensure the best arch and angle support of your feet to prevent any pain and stress to your feet while playing.

This shoe has a durable, hard and thick rubber sole which gives perfect grip and stability on the court. This sole also protects you from any kind slip. The lightweight of this low cut shoe helps the basketball players to run and turn freely. Asymmetrical U-throat design helps the players to move freely and swiftly. Its stunning design easily catches the eyes of the basketball players. You can also choose your favorite one from the other 2 colors of it.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014

  • Synthetic and mesh construction
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Neon color
  • Heel counter and easy use
  • Free movement
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A gorgeous designed basketball shoe for the basketball players to play with comfort and style. This cool shoes for outdoor basketball give you freedom to play in any place like indoor and outdoor. Its synthetic and mesh built body is very much strong and has an outstanding durability to last for a long time. These synthetic and mesh also provide the best comfort and softness to the players.

For the safety, this top rated outdoor basketball shoes has rubber made thick sole which prevents any kind of slip and stumbles on slippery surfaces or kind of surfaces. It gives greater grip and superior stability on the court. It has a very lightweight and this weight helps the players to move and run freely without any extra load of the shoe. There is no chance of damage of injury if you play with this shoe.

The midsole of this shoe has Lunarlon cushioning which is soft and responsive to give expected comfort to the players while playing. Your feet will not feel any pain or stress during or after playing basketball for a long time. Molded heel counter is for additional lockdown which is very convenient for the players to play. Its neon colors are brighter and give an amazing look to the shoe.


  • Playoff pack
  • Great design and color
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic construction
  • Cool gray and photo blue color
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 100% safety
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If you want a basketball shoe which is comfortable, soft, safe and stylish, you must choose this basketball shoe by Jordan. Its design is unique and easily attracts the attention of the players. Its color is also amazing to make this distinguishable from basketball shoes in the market. Its design also perfect for playing basketball. All the materials used for making this shoe are all to quality.

For ensuring the best safety of the players, this shoe has a top quality extra thick rubber made sole, which prevents any kind of slip on the court or any surface. That’s why this shoe reduces the chances to any kind of injury and damage for both feet and the shoe. Moreover, its lightweight enables a basketball player to run and move freely more than before.

This shoe has a construction of synthetic leather to make it durable and strong and to deliver the softest and the best comfort to the players. For this comfort, players can play for longer wearing this. This lightweight basketball shoes gives the perfect arch and ankle support to the players all the time. Your feet won’t feel any pain or stress wearing this shoe.

Adidas D Lillard 2

  • Synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Risk free
  • Comfortable
  • Nicely designed
  • No pain or stress
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This high performance basketball shoes is your ultimate choice as this shoe has all the features a basketball player expects. This shoe is made with high-quality synthetic to keep the shoe out of any damage. The synthetic helps the shoe to last for a long time. Your feet will get comfort what you expect from a basketball shoe.

The lace-up panel of this shoe is very effective to tie the feet with the shoe tightly all the time without any chance to lose the shoe during playing. Rubber made sole is very thick and durable to give the best grip and stability on the court. This shoe prevents any kind of slip on the court. Its perfect shape fits with any sizes of feet of all the basketball players.

The length and the width of this shoe help to give the right arch and ankle support. Your feet will never feel any pain or stress if you play basketball wearing this shoe. This shoe is well appreciated by the basketball players for its great design. With its stylish design and features, this basketball shoe is one of the best.

Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe

  • Rubber sole
  • Meshed construction
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Zoom air unit
  • Greater heel support
  • Low profile and flexible
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One of the most popular basketball shoes which is the perfect one for playing basketball with comfort in any places like indoor or outdoor. Its rubber made sole is very strong and durable to give the tightest grip on the surface. This sole resists all kinds of slip and saves the players from any kind of injury. Running, turning and moving are easier than before.

For giving the best comfort and long-lasting performance, this shoe is made with mesh. It makes the shoe durable and saves the feet from any kind of danger. Meshed construction provides the best comfort to the feet. Responsive cushioning gives maximum comfort and softness to the feet for playing with ease. Zoom L.E.A.P. system increases the responsiveness and propulsion of the cushion. To lockdown the feet, there is also flywire cables which extend from midfoot to wrap the heel.

There are 2 zoom air units under the heel and the first unit is 13mm thick for giving the best support to the heel. These air units on the forefoot are low profile and flexible to maximize the comfort for the players. You will get the finest arch and ankle support from this basketball shoe.

Best place to buy basketball shoes

People always wonder where they can buy the best basketball shoes for outdoor. You know about the best shoes in the world for basketball but you don’t know the right place to buy. This will certainly hamper your purchase.

To buy a pair of basketball shoe you can go to any retails shoe stores. But if you want to choose the good outdoor basketball shoes from a huge collection with lots of colors, you can buy online stores like amazon,  ebay or eastbay. If you are lucky, you can get especial discounts on different occasions.

Final Words

Want to play basketball or improve your skill of basketball or continue your career on basketball, you must need the best outdoor basketball shoes. What are the best basketball shoes? What are the features and benefits of a basketball shoe? You have already know. Follow our instructions and you will surely get the best one to show your best performance.