Are basketball shoes good for walking?

Choosing a specific shoe for a specific sport is essential for everyone. It helps them to prevent any potential injuries. There are some people who to like use basketball shoes for walking, but it will not be wise to use a specific shoe for other purposes. So, there comes a question, “Are the basketball shoes good for walking?

If you know the differences between basketball shoes and walking shoes, you will get the answer to the question. To give your answer more appropriately with strong evidence, here we are giving you some information to think.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are lightweight and flexible. These are specially built for the forward movement. People also called these as road running shoes. Road running shoes are able to endure long distances. On the other hand, basketball shoes are designed to serve support in shorts steps or short bursts with speed. Usually, walking shoes are made for pavement running. These extremely lightweight and flexible shoes will stabilize your feet with comfort during long runs.

Also, there is some alternative to the walking shoes. One of these is the “trail running shoes”. The trail running shoes are heavy-duty walking shoes which can provide more traction for preventing injury from running. These types of shoes are also lightweight.

basketball shoes for walking

The Basketball Shoes

Researchers have shown that average basketball players run about 105 short sprints in the total game, and they switch their direction within two seconds. It means the basketball shoes are specially designed to provide ankle stability. These shoes act as shock absorbers. That is why; the basketball shoes are bulkier than walking shoes.

Usually, the weight of the basketball players shoes is much more than walking shoes. You can walk or run a long distance with heavyweight footwear. It will be painful for your feet.

Walking in Basketball Shoes

  • The running or walking shoes provide more stability and flexibility for a continuous run. On the other hand, the basketball shoes provide more traction and stability on the court.
  • You cannot spend a continuous amount of walking or running by wearing basketball shoes. On the other hand, you cannot move your direction quickly and jump too higher using walking shoes.
  • The outer sole of the walking shoes is designed for sidewalks or trails. On the other side, the basketball shoes are designed for high traction on asphalt or wood floors.
  • Basketball shoes are heavier, but the walking shoes are lighter.
  • Basketball shoes may slow down your walking, may also cause injuries in your gait. On the other hand, the walking shoes don’t have enough stability for high jumping.


You can use basketball shoes if you go for walking only a few miles in a week. You should not use basketball shoes if you run more miles often and love to walk long distances. Using basketball shoes for walking long distances can cause pain in your feet, heel, ankle, and knee. Also, the outer soles or body of the basketball shoes is not perfect for outdoor uses. These are only good for wooden or asphalt floors. So, you should not use the basketball shoes for walking.

Final Words

Different type’s shoes are made for different purposes. Basketball shoes are designed for more traction on the floor, while the walking shoes provide more flexibility for outdoor running or walking. Basketball shoes are not good for walking. For a good walking experience, you should buy those specifically designed shoes that are made for running purposes.

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