Can basketball shoes help me to jump higher?

outdoor basket ball shoes guideJumping is an essential part of basketball. Perfect jumping ensures great score and the interception of the ball quickly. To jump high, basketball shoes are very convenient. Jumping high means to land with more force which increases the chance to injury. Basketball shoes ensure the highest jump with zero risk of injury.

In this guide, I will share some helpful information to you about the basketball shoe to jump higher in the court.

Shoes to reach for the sky

There are different types of basketball shoes. These are usually good for jumping. These shoes have technologically made midsole named Jump Soles. These are thick, flexible and very reflexive to jump higher very easily. These shoes are claimed to help to jump more than 2 inch than the other sports shoes. When you jump, this midsole push you up to a higher position. It seems quite unimaginable but technology has reached a higher position to make the shoes help to jump higher by the players.

That’s why these shoes are quite different and advanced than the general basketball shoes. APL(Athletic Propulsion Labs) is well known brand making these kinds of shoes.


Basketball sneakers

Sneakers are also great for jumping higher. They have what is needed to jump higher. These sneakers have all the necessary things like responsiveness, bounce and boost in them. All these things help to the players to jump high. These sneakers are made with latest technologies by famous brands. Basketball sneakers have soft cushioned support and greater responsiveness. These sneakers have highest capability of impact protection for the safety of the players.

Important fact is, as these shoes have more responsive ability and have soft cushion inside, these shoes feel springy, soft and comfortable and help to jump higher than bare foot. But if you think, these shoes will make you jump inches and inches higher, than you are wrong.


How basketball shoes helps to jump vertically?

Jumping vertically is a great skill. Though the basketball shoes have very little to do for vertical jumping, you can jump vertically with comfort with the help of these shoes. You have to use your legs and the legs have more to contribute for making a great vertical jump.

There are training programs and exercises for making a perfect vertical jump. These exercises increase the muscles to work faster and perfectly. These exercises and training increases the jumping and you can jump more than 2 inches higher than before.


I think you have got sufficient ideas about higher with the basketball shoes. These shoes will definitely help you to jump higher. But if you depend only on the shoes, then you are making a mistake. To jump high, first of all, you need to work hard and eventually you will get the result.

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