Backyard Basketball Court Guide

Building a basketball court in your backyard doesn’t mean it is only for playing basketball. To be honest, it is a medium of recreation which can be enjoyed with the family members. It is the best way to pass some time with family members in the afternoon or during the weekends.

Backyard Basketball Court Guide

Making a backyard basketball court is quite a lengthy process and cost your money too. But if you make a good plan, you can make a backyard basket court quickly and with a very low cost. Before planning, you must know how much the court will cost and in which sectors you need to spend money.

In this guide, you will get the right ideas about which sectors you have to invest money to make a backyard basketball court.


Digging and grading

Digging and grading are 2 of the biggest costs of making a court. You need to find a real hard and a flat surface. You can do them on your own or hire professionals. What are the main costs of this sector?

  • Size of the space
  • Who is doing all these? Landscape company, concrete company or you?
  • Drainage issue
  • Any wall to construct
  • Materials to be used for digging and grading
  • Easy or tough access by the skid steer

It is mentionable here that, you can bid local companies lessen the cost as doing all these will be a real hard job for you.


Size of the court

The size of the court has a crucial effect on your budget. Big size encourages more cost. But it is also true that bigger space provides more room to play. Plastic court expands to 2-3 inch and players have some more space beyond the edge. As the basketball hoop needs some additional space, certainly a bigger space for basketball court is suitable though it will cost more.


Concrete basement

The basement of the basketball court can be built by different ways. But the concrete base is the best for making the base of the court. Though it costs more, it gives the best support for a long time. For the basketball court, 4-inch thick concrete slab with 3000 PSI concrete will be the best. But before building a concrete basement you need to think about some important factors.

  • Drainage and digging issues
  • Building codes
  • Where will the concrete be made in?
  • The pump will pour the concrete or it will be made in the backyard.

Here, you must consider the local building codes. For the concrete, you can contract the local contractors by bidding.


Surfacing and assembly

After finishing the concrete base, you have to finish the surfacing by laying the court on the slab. This court will also cost you when you will get the shipment of this court. There are various types of courts in the market by different manufacturers. These courts are made especially for these purposes and their assembly also easy. Some courts include diagram for easy assembly.


Installation and maintenance

After assembly and construction of the court, you have to install other essentials like basketball goals, hoops, and essentials. For installation, the more you provide by yourself, the less you have to spend but you have to do more by yourself. For the maintenance of these essentials, you have to spend money as perfect maintenance ensures a long lasting performance and service by you backyard basketball court.


Here is all the information of the cost of building a backyard basketball court. So, make your budget and plan according to the information given here and enjoy your time with your family members or friends playing basketball.

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