Best Performance Basketball Shoes Reviews

Good athleticism comes with a great pair of shoe. As most of the games and sports can’t be played without shoe, a great pair of shoe can make the difference. Shoes for sports are not just to make the athletes safe. Shoes can improve the skill of the players with style.

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As a stylish and smart sport, basketball is not out of that. The shoe is the main accessory of this sport. Safety, skill, support, comfort and style depend only on the basketball shoe. A great pair of top basketball shoe can make a great impact on the game and the player. So, wearing top quality best performance basketball shoes of all time is a must for this sport.

In this guide, we will know about the various aspects of basketball shoes.

Top 5 Indoor Basketball Shoes In Summary

 Crazy ExplosiveCloudfoam IlationHyperdunk 2014Men’s AmplifyLebron Soldier IX
Editor RankA+A+AAA-
SoleRubberRubber RubberRubberRubber
InsoleFixedFixedFixedRemovable Removable

The indoor basketball court is quite different than the outdoor. It is made with hardwood mostly. that’s why, our expert pick 5 best indoor basketball shoes for excellent performance. Cause, the most important factor is these courts are well maintained.  They look sleek and shiny all the time. So, some shoes get right grip and some don’t. These shoes in the chart are the best for playing on the indoor basketball court.

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Top 5 Outdoor Basketball Shoes In Summary

 Hyperdunk 2015D Rose 6 BoostKb Mentality IILebron Soldier IXHyperrev 2015
SoleRubberRubber RubberRubber Rubber
InsoleFixedFixedRemovable Removable Removable

Outdoor basket court has more moisture in it as it faces rain and other natural problems. Sometimes the court gets slippery. So the players need to be extra cautious. Only the top basketball shoes which have greater traction and stability can serve the best for the players. Here are top 3 shoes for playing outdoor basketball.

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How to pick best performance basketball shoes

As there are lots of basketball shoes in the market by different manufacturers, it is a tough task for the players to choose the best. These buying tips will certainly help you to choose the best one. Consider these factors before buying.

  • Quality of the shoe
  • Support to ankle
  • Perfect arch support
  • Safety
  • Choose according to the playing style
  • Consider the weight of the body

  • Comfort
  • Traction and stability
  • Design and color
  • Cost
  • Choose according to the court
  • Position of playing

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Top 3 shoes based on player’s position

In the basketball, there are 3 different player positions. Guard, center and forward are the positions. For these 3 positions, manufacturers make different types of shoe. Each position has perfect shoes for the players. We will star with the guard.

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

This position needs stability on the ground to defend the players of opposite teams. So, the point guard players need to move quickly and strongly. That’s why the shoe needs to be extra stable and lightweight to move and guard easily. Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 is the best basketball shoes ever for guards in the market for this position.

Best Basketball Shoes for Centers

The players of center play a double role in the play. They both attack and defend. They move more than the other players. So, they need durable and strong shoes with superior grip on the ground. Most importantly, these shoes need to give the best support to the ankle and arch. Adidas Performance Men’s Amplify is the most durable basketball shoes for the players who play in the center.

Best Basketball Shoes for Forwards

Forwards are more injury prone as they move faster than any other players and jump more. For these, they need the shoes which are light but absorb the load of the body perfectly. Lebron Soldier IX is the best affordable basketball shoes for the forwards.

Benefits of having top quality Basketball Shoes

The benefits of wearing basketball shoes are not expressible in a word. The usefulness is immense. From health support to style, wearing basketball shoe is a must. Here are the most beneficial factors.

Safety ensured

The first benefit of wearing basketball shoe is the safety issue. Basketball is a very fast game with fast running and movement. It also includes jumping and landing.  All these activities create huge load and pressure to the feet of the players. These pressure and load lead the way to injury. As the injury is the arch rival of any types of athletes, players need to protect themselves. Only a good basketball shoe can make the players safe. A top quality basketball shoe gives great support to the ankle and arch. The shoe receives the pressure and load and releases them to all parts of the shoe ensuring no damage or injury to the feet.

Sometimes an injury can be caused by the slipping of the shoe on the court. A good basketball shoe has greater traction and stability on the ground to prevent slipping while playing.

Easy playing

A top quality basketball shoe makes the basketball playing easy.  As there are running, jumping and moving during the game, a great basketball shoe simply improves these activities of the players. Players can play basketball without any risk. They can also improve their footwork movement having a top quality basketball shoe. This will ultimately develop their skill and style of playing.

Assist the style

Basketball players have different positions to play and all the positions have different playing style. So, it is very crucial to choose the right shoe and buy on your budget for the style of playing. Ball handlers get the right support from low-top shoes while post-players get the best support from the high-tops. For all-rounding performance, mid-tops are the best. So, to play basketball with the best support and confidence, the right pair of basketball shoe helps the most.


A top quality basketball shoe ensures the health issue of the players. Wearing good basketball shoe indicates less chance of pain and injury. Comfortable basketball shoes have leather and cushioned construction to give the highest comfort and softness. Moreover, there is meshed support on the upper part of the shoe to save the players from sweating and to keep the feet cool all the time. You can easily get a comfortable and cheap basketball shoes under $100

Keep pace with style

Playing basketball is not just a profession. It is now a passion. Passion comes with style. A good pair of basketball shoe increases the passion and style of a player. As the players need to look stylish while playing, only the top quality basketball shoe can do that for the players.

Types of Basketball shoes

In the basketball world, there are 3 types of basketball shoes. These are high-top, mid-top and low-top shoes.


Low-top shoes are great for running fast. These shoes are the lightest. These are good fast running and movement. Players can easily dodge opposite players wearing these shoes. The problem of these shoes is these shoes are not good for ankle support.


Mid-tops shoes are for those players who want speed with stability. Mostly forwards wear these shoes. For running fast and jumping high, mid-tops serve the best. This type of shoe saves the players from injury landing after jumping. Mid-top shoes prevent the ankle of the players from bending.


For greater ankle support and to absorb the full weight of the body, high-top shoes are the best. These shoes can be used in any position. But they are used mostly in the center. These shoes have more weight than the other shoes. These are the most durable ones. Ankle gets the highest and the best support from these shoes.

Final Words

What can assist more than a good basketball shoe? If you have one, then you are one step forward than the other players. If you don’t have, buy one as soon as possible. But make sure that you are getting all the features to give you the right support. Our basketball shoes reviews help you to pick.